Scent Art Net (SAN) started as a Tumblr page curated by Ashraf Osman showcasing a selection of olfactory art first presented at ART:I:CURATE on October 7 & 8, 2013 as part of their “Curated By“ initiative. Like any such selection, it presented only a sampling of scent art in the 21st century, and therefore was not by any means comprehensive. The hope from the beginning was that it expands eventually to become a hub for scent art on the web.

The sense of smell has long been disregarded as one of the lower senses. More recently, however the cultural and social relevance of the sense of smell is increasingly recognized. The formation of SAN reflects this development. SAN is a hub for different kinds of projects focusing on the sense of smell in art and culture. The projects capitalize on the interdisciplinary collaboration between research, cultural studies as well as artistic and design practice. Projects vary in orientation: consulting, education, design, etc. The growing number of projects show how olfaction, scent and smell are increasingly the focus of cultural studies, art and design practice, as well as research. SAN associates offer informative, educational and thought-provoking lectures, presentations, talks, and workshops for conferences, panels and symposia on a variety of scent art related subjects.

If you’re an olfactory artist or know of any other work that should be part of that selection, please let us know through the Contact page.

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