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TAAT HALL06: A Theater-Architecture Intervention with Scent at the “No Discipline” Fest in Zurich

TAAT (“Theatre as Architecture, Architecture as Theatre”) is a collaborative practice led by Dutch theater-maker Gert-Jan Stam and Belgian architect Breg Horemans, operating within the disciplines of theater, architecture, art and design to develop an innovative and unifying idea of “architectural dramaturgy”.

One such long-term artistic-research exploration is HALL33, a project-series initiated by TAAT to facilitate “real encounters in times of hyper-connectivity”. The series creates on-site interventions in real spaces using the offline media of theatre and architecture to enable meaningful human-to-human interaction. Recent installments have focused each on a different sense in order to intensify the experience of this theatrically constructed meeting. While HALL04 focused on Sound and HALL05 on Touch, the latest installment of the series, HALL06, to be presented in Zurich this month, will focus on Smell.

The project adheres to an “offline open-source process”—emphasizing collaborative, trans-disciplinary, and experience-driven elements—to connect people, artists, companies and organizations on a local and international level. For that purpose, the series brings together European architecture and theatre students to develop and build the on-site interventions with TAAT and a team of local experts.

For HALL06, design students from KISD in Cologne (DE) and theatre students from the theatre academy in Riga (LV) will work with TAAT and local scent experts, Andreas Wilhelm and Ashraf Osman. Andreas, a perfumer, will develop and orchestrate the scent experience for the project; while Ashraf, an architect and olfactory-art curator, will present the students with background material on smell in theater and architecture and engage them in discussions about it.

HALL04 by TAAT in Berlin. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2016

HALL06 takes place at the Keine Disziplin [No Discipline] festival at Gessnerallee Zürich from 25 January to 04 February 2018. The festival invites artists from around the world for a program of contemporary theatre art not limited by genre boundaries and norms.

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