NEZ, The Olfactory Magazine #4 – Art and Perfume

NEZ, The Olfactory Magazine, continues its olfactory exploration, breaking down yet more confines, conventions and preconceptions around our sense of smell.

Its fourth edition, on the theme of Art and Perfume, was launched in November at an event in London which included: 

  • a conversation on “Is perfume an art?” with Lyn Harris (perfumer), Clara Ursitti (artist), Thomas Dunckley (The Candy Perfume Boy) and Dr. Christina Bradstreet (art historian and Courses and Events Programmer at The National Gallery) moderated by Eddie Bulliqi, Scent Art Net Advisor/Associate (S.A.N. A/A)
  • an olfactive exhibition of the 30 perfumes featured in Nez#4

In addition to Eddie’s, the issue includes contributions by S.A.N. A/A’s Caro Verbeek, Klara Ravat, and Saskia Wilson-Brown, as well as Ashraf Osman, S.A.N’s founder-director.

NEZ is now available in 12 countries, as well as online, of course. 


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