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NEZ#03, the Olfactory Magazine’s First English Issue, is Here!

The last time we wrote about NEZ, the only periodical dedicated to scent and the sense of smell, it was still only in French. At the time, ODOU magazine had gone on hiatus and, given the void it left, we expressed the hope that NEZ will eventually be available in English. Well that day is here, and we couldn’t be happier about it!


NEZ is a true labor of love! Not only does it feature wonderful writing about our favorite topic, but it is also a masterclass in design: gorgeous photography, illustrations, typography, and layout. And as if all that wasn’t enough, it features two pieces by/about Scent Art Net advisors/associates:

  • Connections: Artist: Peter de Cupere by Koan Jeff Baysa
  • Perfume pages: Analysis: The impact of blogs Awards on perfume brands by Eddie Bulliqi

You can find a summary of the third issue here, as well as a contact form, in case you want to know more, advertise, or become a reseller:

Nez#03 is available online at:

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