Scent Culture Club

Scent Culture Club 4: "Diary of Smells – Shards" & Samples Exchange

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 @ 6:00 PM
Zentrum Karl der Grosse (Kirchgasse 14, Zürich) @ Terrassenzimmer

For the last Scent Culture Club meet-up before the summer break, we will explore a work, “Diary of SmellsShards“, by Brazilian artist, Josely Carvalho. “Diary of Smells [is] an on-going, multi-sensorial project by Josely Carvalho in which she directly uses natural and artificial scents as protagonists among other typically dominant visual and sound components in her installations.” We’re thrilled to have the artist join us on Skype to discuss her project!

We will also have a Fragrance Sample Exchange. If like me you have fragrance samples lying around the house that you no longer want / need (maybe because you bought a bottle), please bring them along to exchange with the others! I will bring a dozen or so; and even if you don’t have any samples to exchange, Bettina might have a game like last time where you can score samples!

And like last time, we will meet in the Terrassenzimmer of Zentrum Karl der Grosse (not Barockzimmer, as before). So if we’re lucky with the weather, we could go outside to the terrace. We hope you can make it!

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