Zurich Scent Roundtable

In the run up to Esxcence 2015, the Scent Culture Institute organized on Monday, March 23rd, a roundtable apéro to introduce Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the Institute for Art and Olfaction, our partner institute in Los Angeles, to the local scent scene. The attendees included, in addition to Saskia, Andreas Wilhelm (Wilhelm Perfume), Andy Tauer (Tauer Perfumes & Tauerville), Ashraf Osman (Artinect), Bibi Bigler (Die Parfum Bar), Brigitte Witschi (Odem Swiss Perfumes), Claus Noppeney (BFH & HKB), Mayumi Matthaeus (Süskind Zurich), and Vero Kern (Vero Profumo).


From left to right: Brigitte Witschi, Mayumi Matthaeus, Saskia Wilson-Brown, and Ashraf Osman.

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